Safaris, fauna & flora

(Last update : end of December 2023)



(only travels dedicated mainly to a safari are mentioned ; so : excluding punctual visits of National Parks all over the world)


République du Congo (2022)
Gabon (2019)
Kenya (2019)
Kenya (2018)
Uganda (2014)
Botswana Namibia (2011)
Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique & SAR (2010)
Mozambique (2009)
Pantanal (Brazil) (2007)
Tanzania (2004)
Tanzania (1994)
Botswana (1993)
Namibia (1991)

RDC (1989)






(ubiquitous and frequently seen animals - for exemple : elephants, lions, hippos, impalas, warthogs, ostriches, vultures, lamas  …-  are not mentioned, except if part of a peculiar scene or belonging to a rarely seen or endangered subspecies)
(animals observed freely in nature ; not in zoos : I hate zoos !!)



My top 10 Mammals 


Desert elephants : Very endangered subspecies of elephants, seen in the Namib desert (Hoab Valley) in Namibia.
Hippos : Saw the largest concentration in Africa (Virunga NP ; history now, because of wars and poaching).
Jaguars : Very elusive felines, seen in Pantanal (Brazil).
Mandrills : Largest of all monkeys, with a distinctive muzzle featuring a red stripe (Gabon). 
Mountain & lowland gorillas : Seen in RDC, Uganda, Rwanda, CAR & Gabon.
Orangutans : Great ape of the Borneo rainforest, critically endandered (Sabah).
Polar bears : Seen in Svalbard (on land & on icepack), Franz Josef Land, Churchill, Wrangel & Northwest Passage.
Snow leopard : Seen in Bhutan ; rare and extremely difficult to spot, very endangered (5000 remaining, heavily poached).
Tiger : Seen in Bandhavgarh NP (India).
Tree climbing lions : Seen in Uganda (one of the only two places where lions do climb on trees).



My top 10 Reptiles & Birds 


Cayman blue iguanas : endangered (Grand Cayman).
Galápagos giant tortoises (Galápagos).
Komodo dragons : largest living species of lizard (up to 3 m) (Komodo, Indonesia).

Blue-and-yellow macaws (Aras) : trees covered with tens of this superb bird in Pantanal (Brazil).
Emperor penguins : several rookeries (with chicks) (especially Snow Hill rookery, a very 'first' ) (2 trips to Antarctica).
Masked boobies : saw their largest colony - 100,000 - on Clipperton Island.  
Pink pigeoncritically endangered, only 40 left (Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius).
Quetzalstrikingly colored bird with a bright plumage, endangered (Costa Rica).
Shoebill storks : a large outstanding bird with a shoe-shaped bill (Uganda).
Wandering albatross : the largest species of albatross (South Georgia).






Antarctica, Subantarctic islands, Arctic & Iceland

Polar bears
Svalbard (July 2016)
Canada (Manitoba, Churchill region) (October November 2008) (Bears move from their summer habitat in the tundra to seal-hunting territory : the pack ice that forms every winter over Hudson Bay). 
Russia (Arctic, Wrangel Island) (July 2005)
Canada (Arctic, Northwest Passage) (July 2005)
Russia (Arctic, Franz Josef Land) (July 2004)
Arctic foxes
Canada (Manitoba, Churchill region) (October November 2008)
Greenland (August 2003)
Musk oxes
Russia (Arctic, Wrangel Island ) (July 2005)
Greenland (Nares Strait) (August 2003)
Svalbard (July 2016)
Russia (Arctic) (July 2005)
Sea otters
Alaska (Beaufort Sea) (July 2005) & other locations
Elephant seals
British Overseas Territories (South Georgia) (November 2004)
TAAF (Kerguelen, Crozet) (October December Z003)
Peter I Island (January 2003) 
Many locations in Antarctica.
Fur seals
British Overseas Territories (South Georgia) (November 2004)
Galapagos (April 2003)
Peter I Island (January 2003) & many locations in Antarctica.
Weddell seals
Antarctica (Atka Bay & other locations (November 2004)
Minke whales
Skjálfandi Bay (Husavik, Iceland) (July 2009) & many other locations in Antarctica
Beluga whales (also named : White whale)
Canada (Churchill River estuary) (August 2014). Congregate in Hudson Bay each summer for giving birth. 
Canada (Arctic, Northwest Passage) (July 2005)



Unicorn rhinoceros (also named : Greater one-horned rhinoceros)
India (Assam, Kaziranga NP) (November 2015)
Black rhinoceros (also named : hook-lipped rhinoceros)
Tanzania (Ngorongoro NP) (July 1994)
Namibia (Etosha NP) (July 1991)
​Kenya (Ol Pejeta Reserve, Nairobi NP) (March 2018)
White rhinoceros
Uganda (Ziwa Sanctuary) (December 2014)
​Kenya (Ol Pejeta Reserve) (I saw the last white male rhino in Kenya which died just a few days afterwards ...) (March 2018)



Snow leopard (Himalaya)
Bhutan (during Snowman Trek) (September 2015). Very rare and endangered.
Leopards (Asia)
India (Gujrat. Sasam Gir Wildlife Sanctuary) (January 2013)
Nepal (Chitwan NP) (April 1977)
Leopards (Africa)
Uganda (Lake Mburo NP) (December 2014)
Zimbabwe (Matusadona NP) (September 2010)
Zambia (South Luangwa NP) (September 2010)
Tanzania (Ngorongoro NP) (July 1994) (Serengeti NP) (July 1994)
Botswana (Moremi NP) (July 1993)
​Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018)
Tiger (Asia)
India (Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh NP) (January 2011) Exceptional sighting !
Mato Grosso (Pantanal, Brazil) (July 2007) 2 jaguars sighted.
Asiatic lions (Asia) (also named : Indian or Persian lion) 
India (Gujarat, Sasam Gir Wildlife Sanctuary) (January 2013) Lions are only found here in Asia. 
Serval (Africa)
Mozambique (Gorongosa NP) (October 2010) A wild cat. Very rarely seen & difficult to spot.
Cheetahs (Africa)
Namibia (July 1991)
Lions (Africa)
              - Tree climbing lions (Uganda, Queen Elizabeth NP, Ishasha plains) (December 2014) A rare sight. May also be seen only in Serengeti NP.
              - Kalahari lions (Botswana, Central Kalahari Game Reserve) (August 2011) A lion subspecies ; having a large dark mane.
              - Lions eating a zebra (Botswana, Okavango) (August 2011)
              - Lions eating a giraffe (Botswana, Chobe NP) (July 1993)
              - Mating lions (Zambia, South Luangwa NP) (September 2010) Making love between lions is quite a long affair !



RDC (North Kivu, Virunga NP) (July 1989)
I saw there what used to be the largest concentration of hippos in Africa : 30,000 hippos in river Semliki & on Lake Edward shore. This was an awesome sight ; hippos were so numerous that water was barely visible ! 
This was considered as one of the greatest of Africa’s  wildlife sights, but due to massive poaching, the hippo population there has tragically dwindled by 90 % and this sight has disappeared.
Other locations :République du Congo, SAR, Botswana, etc ...


Apes & monkeys

Mountain gorillas 
Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable NP) (December 2014)
​Rwanda (Volcanoes NP) (August 2018) ; Critically endangered.
Western lowland gorillas
Central Africa Republic (Dzanga-Ndoki NP) (May 2017)
Gabon (PN de Loango) (December 2019)
République du Congo (Odzala NP, Lesio Luna Reserve) (August 2022) ; Critically endangered
Eastern lowland gorillas
RDC (Kahuzi-Biega NP) (July 1989) ; Critically endangered.
Uganda (Kibale Forest NP & Kyambura Gorge) (December 2014)
République du Congo (Conkouati-Douli NP) (August 2022)
Gabon (Parc de la Lékédi) (December 2019)
Geladas (Gelada baboons)
Ethiopia (Simien NP) (January 2005)
Orang Utans
Malaysia (Sabah, Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary) (May 1983)
Red howler monkeys 
Guyana (Iwokrama Rainforest) (August 2016)
Black spider monkeys 
Guyana (Iwokrama Rainforest) (August 2016) Endangered.
Black-and-white colobuses 
Uganda (Lake Albert & other locations) (December 2014)
​Kenya (March 2018)
Rwanda (Nyungwe Forest NP) (August 2018)
Red colobuses 
Uganda (Kibale NP) (December 2014) Endangered.
Red-tailed monkeys
Uganda (Kibale NP) (December 2014)
Grey-cheeked mangabeys
Uganda (Kibale NP) (December 2014)
Black-faced vervet monkeys
Uganda (Queen Elizabeth NP) (December 2014) A monkey with blue testicles !
Tanzania (Lake Manyara NP) (October 2004)
​Kenya (Samburu NP & other locations) (March 2018)
Golden monkeys (cercopithecus kandte) (subspecies of blue monkeys)
Rwanda (Volcanoes NP) (August 2018)
White-headed capuchins (also named : white-faced capuchin, or white-throated capuchin).
Costa Rica (Manuel Antonio NP) (December 2000)
Barbary macaques (also named Barbary ape, or Magot)
Gibraltar (August 1962, September 2023)


Other mammals in Africa

Forest elephants
Central Africa Republic (Dzanga-Ndoki NP) (May 2017)
Gabon (Loango NP) (December 2019) .
République du Congo (Odzala NP, Nouabale Ndoki NP) (August 2022) . endangered.
Desert elephants
Namibia (Huab Valley) (July 1991) Very endangered (remaining numbers differ ; might be below 200).
Red elephants
​Kenya (Tsavo NP) (March 2018) 
Lycaons (African wild dogs)
Not easily spotted & endangered.
Botswana (Chobe NP) (July 2011)
Zimbabwe (Mana Pools NP) (September 2010)
Botswana (Okavango) (July 1993).
​Kenya (Amboseli NP) (March 2018) & many other locations.
Wildebeests & zebras migration
Botswana (Makgadikgadi NP) (August 2011).
Burchell's zebras
​Kenya (Amboseli NP & other locations) (quite common) (March 2018).
Grévy's zebras
Also named 'Imperial zebra'. Kenya (Samburu NP, Meru NP). Endangered (only in Northern Kenya, Ethiopia & possibly Somalia) (March 2018).
Red hartebeests
Botswana (Nxai Pan NP & other locations) (August 2011)
Jackson's hartebeests (also named : Lelwel hartebeest)
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP) (December 2014)
Lichtenstein's hartebeests
Mozambique (Gorongosa NP) (August 2009) Endangered.
Coke's hartebeests
​Kenya (Tsavo NP, Nairobi NP) (March 2018) & other locations in Tanzania.
Necking giraffes (Male giraffes using their necks as weapons in combat)
Botswana (Chobe NP) (August 2011)
Reticulated giraffes
​Kenya (Samburu NP) (tallest living animal) (only in Northern Kenya, Ethiopia & perhaps Somalia) (March 2018)
Rothschild's giraffes
​Kenya (Ol Pejeta Reserve) (endangered, only in Kenya & Uganda) (March 2018).
Maasai giraffes
​Very common. Kenya (Amboseli NP & other locations) (March 2018).
Defassa waterbacks
​Kenya (Ol Pejeta Reserve) (March 2018).
Red lechwes
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011) (July 1993) Quite common antelope in Southern Africa.
Rowan antelopes 
Botswana (Chobe NP ) (August 2011) (July 1993) Endangered.)
Sitatungas (Marshbucks) (amphibious antelope, also named Guib of water) 
République du Congo (Odzala NP) (August 2022) & other locations
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011) (July 1993) Quite common antelope in Southern Africa. 
Botswana (Nxai Pan NP & other locations) (August 2011) (July 1993) Quite common antelope in Southern Africa.
Sable antelopes
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011)
​Kenya (Shimba Hills Reserve). Also in Malawi & others.
Steenboks (also named : steinbuck, or steinbok)
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011) Common in East & South Africa.
​A very small antelope. Quite common. Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018) & other locations.
​Also named 'giraffe gazelle'. Kenya (Samburu NP & other locations), Djibouti (March 2018).
Thomson's gazelles
​Kenya (Ol Pejeta Reserve, Amboseli NP & other locations) (March 2018).
Grant's gazelles
​Kenya Amboseli NP & other locations) (March 2018).
Black-backed jackals
Botswana (Central Kalahari Game Reserve) (August 2011) & other locations (Kenya ...).
Cape ground squirrels
Botswana (Central Kalahari Game Reserve) (August 2011)
Bat-eared fox 
Botswana (Central Kalahari Game Reserve) (August 2011) Quite rare.
Ring-tailed lemurs (also named : maky) 
Madagascar (May 1998)
Mouse lemurs 
Madagascar (May 1998)
White-footed lemurs 
Madagascar (May 1998)
Verreaux's sifakas (lemurs)
Madagascar (May 1998)
Red-bellied lemurs 
Madagascar (May 1998)
​A small herbivorous mammal. Kenya (Tsavo NP, Meru NP ...) (March 2018)
Oryx (gemsbok)
Namibia (Etosha NP) (July 1991) (Nxai Pan NP & other locations) (August 2011) Quite common antelope in Southern Africa.
Oryx beisa
​Also named 'East Africa oryx'. Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018).
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP & others) (December 2014) Also seen in Mozambique & other places.
Subspecies of the Tsessebe. Uganda (Queen Elizabeth NP & others) (December 2014)
Cape elands
Uganda (Lake Mburo NP) (December 2014)
Kenya (Nairobi NP) (March 2018).
Zambia (South Luangwa NP) (September 2010) A seldom spotted antelope.
Greater kudus
Zimbabwe (Mana Pools NP) (September 2010), ​Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018).
Nyalas (also named : Inyala)
Zimbabwe (Mana Pools NP) (September 2010) Also spotted in Malawi.


Other mammals in the Americas 

Peru (Ausangate, June 2017)
Argentina (Jujuy, Salinas Grandes & other locations) (August 2010)
Argentina (La Rioja, Talampaya NP & other locations) (August 2010)
Peru (Ausangate, June 2017)
Brazil (Maranhão, Ilha do Caju) (September 2008). A mammal very similar to the now sadly famous pangolin.
Rock cavy (a rodent also named mocó)
Brazil (Piauí, Sete Cidades NP) (September 2008)
Brazil (Mato Grosso, Pantanal) (July 2007)
Capybaras (also named : Capivara)
Brazil (Mato Grosso, Pantanal) (July 2007) Largest rodent in the world 
Collared peccaries
Costa Rica (Monteverde Cloud Forest) (December 2000)
Costa Rica (Manuel Antonio NP) (December 2000)
Grizzly bears
Alaska (Denali NP, near Mt Mc Kinley) (July 1974)
Dall sheep
Alaska & Canada (Yukon) (July 1974)


Other mammals in Asia

Sambar deers
India (Assam, Kaziranga NP & other locations) (November 2015)
Wild boars
India (Assam, Kaziranga NP & other locations) (November 2015)
Khurs (Wild donkeys) (also named : Indian wild ass, or Baluchi wild ass, or Ghudkhur)
India (Gujrat, Little Rann of Kutch) (January 2013)
Takins (also named Cattle Chamois, Gnu Goats)
Strange animals resembling goat-cow hybrids. Bhutan (Motithang Reserve) (September 2015)
Nilgais (also named : Blue bulls)
India (Gujrat, Sasam Gir Wildlife Sanctuary) (January 2013) Largest Asian antelope.
Blackbucks (also named : Indian antelope)
India (Gujrat, Blackbuck NP) (January 2013)
Gaurs (also named : Asian wild buffalos, Indian buffalos)
India (Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh NP) (January 2011)
India (Karnataka, Bandipur NP) (October 2023)
Chitals (also named : Cheetal, or spotted deer, or axis deer)
India (Madhya Pradesh, Kanha NP) (January 2011)
India (Karnataka, Bandipur NP) (October 2023)
Barasinghas (also named : Swamp deer)
India (Madhya Pradesh, Kanha NP) (January 2011) Very rare & endangered.
Muntjacs (also named : barking deer, or Mastreani deer)
India (Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh NP) (January 2011)
Himalayan Ibex 
India (Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley) (June 2009)
Spectral tarsier 
Indonesia (Sulawesi, Tangkoko NP) (August 2004) Threatened tarsius species (somehow between apes & lemurs).
Kandachime horses ( also named : Kandachi horse, or Handachine horse)
Japan (Honshu, Cape Shiriyazaki)  (April May 2005) Wild horse.
Gobi Ibex 
Mongolia (February 2006)
China (Sichuan, Wolong National Nature) (May 2007)


Mammals in Europe

Tarpans (European wild horses)
Belarus (Belovezhskaya Pushcha NP) (June 2005)


Mammals in Indian Ocean

Indian flying fox
The Maldives (March 2016) A giant fruit bat.
Wild goats
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Europa) (April 2009)


Mammals in Pacific Ocean

Gecarcinus planatus Stimpson crabs
Clipperton Island (January 2016) 'King' of Clipperton ; a bright-orange crab ; 11 millions on just 8,9 km² !
Galápagos fur seals
Galápagos (Floreana Island & other islands) (April 2003)
Whitetip sharks
Galápagos (Bartolome Island) (April 2003)






Emperor penguins
Antarctica (November 2004) (January 2003)
Atka Bay, Riisen-Larsen Iceshelf, Drescher Inlet, Halley, Stancombe-Wills, Snow Hill Island, Terra Nova Bay.
King penguins
TAAF (Kerguelen & Crozet Islands) (December 2003)
Many other locations in Antarctica
Chinstrap penguins
British Overseas Territories (South Sandwich Islands) (November 2004)
Other locations in Antarctica (Deception Island ...).
Gentoo penguins
British Overseas Territories (South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands) (November 2004)
South Shetland Islands ( Greenwich Island) & Antarctica (Port Lockroy, Brown Bluff ....) (January 2003)
Adelie penguins
British Overseas Territories (South Sandwich Islands) (November 2004)
Antarctica : Cockburn Island, Paulet Island, Brown Bluff, Cape Hallett, Torgersen Island .... (January 2003, November 2004)
Macaroni penguins
British Overseas Territories (South Georgia) (November 2004)
Rockhopper penguins
TAAF (Ile St Paul) (November 2003)
Nightingale Island (Tristan da Cunha archipelago) (April 2015)
Galápagos penguins
Galápagos (Santiago Island & other islands) (April 2003)


Birds in Antarctica, Subantarctic islands, Arctic & Iceland

Wandering albatross
British Overseas Territories (South Georgia) (November 2004)
Sooty albatross (also named : dark-mantled sooty albatross, or dark-mantled albatross)
TAAF (Crozet) (November 2003)
Campbell albatross (Also named : Campbell mollymawk)
Campbell Island (January 2003)
Arctic sterns
Iceland (July 2009)
Atlantic puffins
Iceland (Papey Island) (July 2009) & other locations
Tufted puffins
USA (Alaska, Beaufort Sea coastline) (July 2005)
Horned puffins
USA (Alaska, Beaufort Sea coastline) (July 2005)
Brünnich's Guillemots (also named : Thick-billed murre)
Svalbard (Alkefjellet cliff) (July 2016)
Northern fulmars (also named : Arctic fulmars)
Svalbard (July 2016) & other locations in the Arctic
Southern fulmars (Also named : Antarctic fulmars)
South Orkneys (March 2015) & other locations in Antarctica
Glaucous gulls
Svalbard (July 2016)
 Franz Josef Land (July 2004) & other places in Arctic
Kelp gulls
Antarctica (January 2003) & other locations
Blue eyed shags
Antarctica (Cockburn Island, Paulet Island) (November 2004)
Canada (Manitoba, Churchill area) (October November 2008)
Snowy sheatbills
British Overseas Territories (South Georgia) (November 2004)
Antarctica (Paulet Island) (November 2004) & other locations
British Overseas Territories (South Georgia) (November 2004)
Franz Josef Land (Arctic) (July 2004) & many more places
Southern giant petrels
TAAF (Kerguelen) (November 2003) & many other locations in Antarctica
Russia (Arctic) (Franz Josef Land) (July 2004) & other locations


Birds in Indian Ocean & Pacific Ocean

Henderson fruit doves (also named : Scarlet-capped fruit dove)
British Overseas Territories (Picairn dependencies, Henderson) (December 2006) Endemic & threatened.
Flightless Henderson rails (also named : Henderson crakes)
British Overseas Territories (Pitcairn dependencies, Henderson) (December 2006) Endemic & threatened.
Henderson reed warblers 
British Overseas Territories (Pitcairn dependencies, Henderson) (December 2006) Endemic & threatened.
Murphy's Petrels
British Overseas Territories (Pitcairn dependencies, Henderson) (December 2006) Threatened.
Blue-footed boobies
Galápagos (Seymour Island & other islands) (April 2003)
Swallow-tailed gulls
Galápagos (Seymour Island & other islands) (April 2003)
American oystercatchers
Galápagos (Santiago Island) (April 2003)
Galápagos flycatchers (also named : Tyrant, or Large-billed flycatcher)
Galápagos (Santa Cruz Island & other islands) (April 2003)
Lava gulls (also named : Dusky gull)
Galápagos (Baltra Island) (April 2003) Rarest gull in the world ; only in Galápagos. 400 couples left. 
Galápagos rails (also named : Galapagos crake)
Galápagos (Santa Cruz Island & other islands) (April 2003)
Woodpecker finches (also named : Carpenter finch)
Galápagos (Santa Cruz Island & other islands) (April 2003)
Masked boobies
Clipperton Island (January 2017) Largest masked boobies colony in the world.
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Tromelin) (April May 2009)
Red-footed boobIes
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Europa, Tromelin) (April May 2009)
White-tailed tropicbirds
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Europa) (April May 2009) Viewed also in other locations. Also named : Petit Paille-en-queue.
Galápagos red-billed tropicbirds
Galápagos (April 2003)
Sooty terns
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Glorieuse, Europa) (April May 2009)
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Europa) (April May 2009)
Galápagos (April 2003)
Fairy terns
Mauritius Republic (Rodrigues, Ile aux Cocos) (November 2016) Locally known as 'zoiseau la Vierge'.
Brown noddies 
Mauritius Republic (Rodrigues, Ile aux Cocos) (November 2016)
Lesser noddies
Mauritius Republic (Rodrigues, Ile aux Cocos) (November 2016)
Pink pigeon
Mauritius Republic (Mauritius, Ile aux Aigrettes) (November 2016) Endangered (only remaining about 40 and only in Ile aux Aigrettes). 
Red fody  (also named : Red Cardinal Fody)
Mauritius Republic (Mauritius, Ile aux Aigrettes) (November 2016)


Birds in Africa

Yellow-billed hornbills
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011)
Swainson's spurfowls (also named : Swainson's francolin, or chikwari)
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011)
Helmeted guineafowls
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations), also in Kenya & other countries (July 2011). Very common fowl.
Vulturine guineafowls
​Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018)
White-fronted bee-eaters
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011) Very common.
African darters (also named : Snakebird)
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011)
African openbills
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011) Very common stork.
Egyptian geese
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011) Very common. Also spotted in Zimbabwe, Kenya ….
Tawny eagles
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (July 2011) Also spotted in Zimbabwe, Kenya ....
Bateleur eagle
​Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018)
Lezard eagle
Kenya (Meru NP, ...) (January 2019)
Crested francolin
​Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018).
Blacksmith lapwings (also named : Blacksmith plover)
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011) Very common.
Saddle-billed storks
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011) Quite common stork.
Yellow-billed storks 
​Kenya (Amboseli NP) (March 2018).
Marabou storks
​Kenya (Tsavo NP & many other locations even in Nairobi!) (March 2018) & other countries. Quite common.
Coppery-tailed coucal
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011)
Hamerkops (also named : Hammerkopf, or Hammerhead)
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011)
Malachite kingfishers
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011)
Knob-billed ducks
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011)
Secretary birds
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011), Kenya (March 2018) & many other locations.
Wattled starlings
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011) Quite common.
Superb starlings
​Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018).
Long-tailed shrike
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011). Quite common.
Spur-winged geese
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011). Quite common.
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011) Quite common.
African spoonbills
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011), Kenya (Amboseli NP) (March 2018). Quite common.
Kori bustards
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011), Kenya (March 2018) & many other locations.
Crowned lapwings (also named : Crowned plover)
Botswana (Okavango & other locations) (August 2011)
Lilac-breasted rollers
Botswana (Chobe NP & other locations) (August 2011) Also spotted in Zimbabwe & Kenya.
Northern black korhaan (also named : white-quilled bustard)
Botswana (Chobe NP) (August 2011)
Crimson-breasted boubou 
Botswana (Nxai Pan NP) (August 2011)
Pale chanting goshawk 
Botswana (Central Kalahari Game Reserve) (August 2011)
White-breasted cormorant
Malawi (Lizard Island) (September 2010)
Black-bellied korhaan (Also named : Black-bellied bustard)
Mozambique (Gorongosa NP) (August 2009)
Grey go-away-bird (also named : Grey lourie, or grey loerie)
Namibia (Mudumu NP in Panhandle & others)  (July 2011) A grey bird with a characteristic swept-back crest. Also spotted in Zimbabwe.
Monteiro's hornbill
Namibia (Etosha NP) (June 1991)
Abyssinian ground hornbill (also named : Northern ground hornbill)
Uganda (December 2014)
Red-throated bee-eater 
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP) (December 2014)
Grey-headed kingfisher 
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP) (December 2014), Kenya (Amboseli NP) (March 2018).
African fish eagle 
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP) (December 2014), Kenya (Amboseli NP, Shimba Hills Reserve & others) (March 2018).
Rock pratincole
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP) (December 2014)
Long-toed lapwing
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP) (December 2014)
Carmine bee-eater
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP & others) (December 2014)
Goliath herons
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP & others) (December 2014), Kenya (Amboseli NP) (March 2018).
Squacco heron
​Kenya (Amboseli NP) (March 2018).
Grey heron
​Kenya (Amboseli NP) (March 2018) & other locations.
Grey crowned cranes
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP & others) (December 2014), Kenya (Amboseli NP) (March 2018). National bird of Uganda.
Brown snake eagle 
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP & others) (December 2014)
Shoebill stork (also named : Whalehead or Shoe-billed stork)
Uganda (Lake Albert) (December 2014)
Mourning collared dove 
Uganda (Lake Albert) (December 2014)
Yellow-billed kite 
Uganda (Lake Albert) (December 2014)
Long-tailed cormorant (Also named : Reed cormorant)
Uganda (Lake Albert & other locations) (December 2014) Also spotted in Zimbabwe.
Great blue turacos 
Uganda (Kibale NP) (December 2014)
Ring-necked dove (also named : Cape turtle dove)
Uganda (Queen Elizabeth NP) (December 2014)
Grey-backed fiscal 
Uganda (Queen Elizabeth NP) (December 2014)
Long-crested eagles
Uganda (Queen Elizabeth NP) (December 2014)
Verreaux's eagle-owl
Uganda (Queen Elizabeth NP) (December 2014)
Gull-billed terns 
Uganda (Queen Elizabeth NP) (December 2014)
Rüppell's long-tailed starlings
Uganda (Queen Elizabeth NP) (December 2014)
Senegal coucal
Zambia (South Luangwa NP) (September 2010)
Pel's fishing owl
Zambia (South Luangwa NP) (September 2010) Quite rare. By night.
Red-billed hornbill 
Zimbabwe (Matusadona NP, Mana Pools NP) (September 2010), Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018).
Southern ground hornbills
Zimbabwe (Matusadona NP, Mana Pools NP) (September 2010), Kenya (Tsavo East NP) (March 2018). Endangered.
Crowned hornbill
Zimbabwe (Mana Pools NP) (September 2010)
Arnot's chat (also named : White-headed black-chat)
Zimbabwe (Mana Pools NP) (September 2010).
Crowned plover
​Kenya (Ol Pejeta Reserve) (March 2018).
Blacksmith plover
​Kenya (Ol Pejeta Reserve) (March 2018).
African grey parrot (also named : Jaco parrot, Congo grey parrot)
République du Congo (Odzala NP) (August 2022). Endangered.
​Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018).


Birds in the Americas

Argentina (Jujuy, Laguna de los Pozuelos) (August 2010) Largest bird in the Americas.
Scarlet ibis (guaras)
Brazil (Maranhão, Ilha do Caju & other locations) (September 2008)
Brazil (Mato Grosso, Pantanal) (July 2007)
Blue-and-yellow macaws (Aras) (also named : Blue-and-gold macaw)
Brazil (Mato Grosso, Pantanal) (July 2007)
 Costa Rica (Monteverde Cloud Forest) (December 2000) Endangered. A wonderful bird.
Red-billed toucan
Guyana (Iwokrama Rainforest) (August 2016)


Birds in Asia

Bar-headed geese
India (Assam, Kaziranga NP & other locations) (November 2015)
Indian rollers
India (Assam, Kaziranga NP) (November 2015) Nice bird with a blue tail.
Asian openbill storks 
India (Assam) (November 2015)
Siberian cranes
India (Gujrat, Little Rann of Kutch) (January 2013)
Western marsh harriers
India (Gujrat, Little Rann of Kutch) (January 2013) A kind of hawk.
India (Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh NP) (January 2011)





Yacare caimans (Jacarés)
Brazil (Mato Grosso, Pantanal) (July 2007)
Sea turtles
British Overseas Territories (Ascension Island) (April 2015) Laying eggs. 2nd largest nesting population of green turtles in the entire Atlantic.   
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Glorieuse) (May 2009) Green turtles laying eggs.
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Europa) (April 2009) Viewed hatching and frigatebirds attacking baby sea turtles on their way to the sea.
Indonesia (Java, Pelabuhan Ratu) (1982) Giant green turtles laying eggs.
Aldabra tortoises
Republic of Mauritius (Mauritius & Rodrigues) (November 2016)
Galápagos giant tortoises
Galápagos (Santa Cruz Island) (April 2003)
Monitor lizards
Botswana (August 2011) and many other locations in Africa
TAAF - Iles Eparses (Glorieuse) (April May 2009) A kind of lezard.
Land iguanas
Galápagos (Santiago Island & other islands) (April 2003)
Marine iguanas
Galápagos (Española & other islands) (April 2003)
Cayman blue iguanas
Grand Cayman (endemic, solely here, endangered) (December 2018)
Sister Islands rock iguanas (also named Cayman Island brown iguanas°
Cayman Brac & Little Cayman (endemic, solely here, critically endangered) (December 2018)
Komodo dragons
Indonesia (Komodo) (July 1990) Largest living species of lizard (awesome !).
Nile crocodiles 
Uganda (Murchinson Falls NP) (December 2014)
Ethiopia (Lake Chamo) (December 1987) 'Crocodile market' : huge congregation of crocodiles, maybe the largest in the world. 
Kenyan rock agama
A kind of very colourful lizard. Kenya (Samburu NP) (March 2018).
Puff adder
​Kenya (Tsavo West NP) (March 2018)









My Top 15

Adam & Eve Tree (= Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) in Iraq (Qurna). 
El Árbol del Tule, widest tree in the world (Mexico).                                                           
El Sabinar, a bush of old wind-twisted Phoenicean Juniper trees (= “sabinas”) (El Hierro, Canary Islands).                                           
Giant cacti in Isla de Lomo Pescado, an "island" in the middle of Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat of the world (Bolivia).
Giant Lobelias, Fraijelones & Senecios, high altitude plants (Mt Rwenzori, Mt Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro, Huascaran...).
Giant Sequoias (California).                                                                                                                 
Glaswort (= Coral grass), this plant grows in large expanses on salt marshes getting all crimson in autumn (Hokkaido).
Guou Shulin (= Strange Forest), on the edge of the Badain Jaran desert, amazing in autumn (China).                                 
Ipé (= Pau d'arco), this tree, commonly named trumpet tree, has splendid pink, white or yellow flowers (Brazil). 
Nepenthes Rajah, this plant, endemic to Mt Kinabalu, is the largest of the carnivorous pitcher plants (Sabah). 
Puya raimondii, the largest species of bromeliad (Peru).                                                             
Sea coconut tree (= Cocotier de mer) and its double coconuts (= 'coco-fesses') (Seychelles). 
Tibet blue poppy (= Himalayan blue poppy) (Ladakh, Zanskar, Nepal, Tibet)    
Welwitschiaa very bizarre, rare and large plant able to intake moisture from fog (coastal zone, Namibia).                       
Yarsagumba, the Himalayan Viagra, a kind of mushroom / caterpillar, an aphrodisiac for the Chinese (remote Dolpo, Nepal).  

Special, noteworthy & outstanding trees                        
Australia (Darwin) : Galamarrma (= Tree of Knowledge) ; this old banyan tree, a Darwin landmark, is a significant tree to the Aboriginal people.
Canary Islands (El Hierro) : Árbol Santo (= Garoé) ; a very old lime tree sacred for the Guanches (the aborigenal inhabitants of Canary Islands).
Canary Islands (El Hierro) : El Sabinar ; a bush of old wind-twisted Phoenicean Juniper trees (= “sabinas”)                      
Canary Islands (Tenerife) : Drago Milenario ; this old tree, in Icod de los Vinos, is the largest and oldest living specimen of 'Dracaena draco' (= dragon tree).                                                               
Chile (Lago Los Cántaros) : Alerce Milenario ; a 1,500-year-old alerce (= Fitzroya cupressoides, = Patagonian cypress).  
Dominican Republic (La Vega) : El Arbol del Nispero ; an old historical medlar at Santo Cerro (where the first battle beween the Conquistadores & the Indians took place). 
Grand Cayman : 'Cayman Shoe Tree'  ; this tree covered with used shoes picked from the beaches has become a key attraction of Grand Cayman.
India (Meghalaya) : Living Root Bridges ; suspension bridges formed by guiding the pliable roots of the Ficus Elastica tree (fig tree) across a river, and then allowing the roots to grow over time.                        
Irak (Qurna) : Adam & Eve Tree (= Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) ; according to legend, this tree is the one that Eve ate from in the Garden of Eden.                                                                
Japan (Morioka) : Ishiwarizakura (= 'Rock-Splitting' Cherry Tree') ; a 400-year-old cherry tree growing out of a crack in a granite boulder.  
Mexico (Estado de Oaxaca) : El Árbol del Tule ; tree fo be the widest in the world with a diameter of 14 m ; this tree is a Taxodium mucronatum (= Montezuma cypress).                                
Namibia (Nxai Pan) : Baines' Baobabs (a cluster of millennia-old baobab trees),  Chapman's Baobab, Green's Baobab, Planet Baobab.              
Rumania (Maramureș judeţ) : 'Pot trees' ; everywhere in the countryside, these trees on which pans have been put indicate that a girl is available for marriage in the house nearby.                                                            
Sierra Leone (Freetown) : Cotton Tree (a kapok tree which is the historic symbol of Freetown).                                        
Taiwan (Mount Alishan) : Alishan Divine Tree ; a 3,000-year old red cypress, having the widest diameter in Asia.                   
Tonga ('Eua) : "Big 'Ovava Tree" ; this strangling fig tree is the largest of the Pacific.                                                                                     
Special, noteworthy & outstanding forests             
China (Inner Mongolia, Ejina Qi) : Guou Shulin (= Strange Forest), a poplar trees forest on the edge of the Badain Jaran desert, amazing in autumn.  
China (Inner Mongolia, Ejina Qi) : Mani Chagan (= Withered Forest), a poplar trees forest on the edge of the Badain Jaran desert, amazing in autumn.    
France (Montagne de Reims) : 'Faux de Verzy', a forest of 'faux',an old French word for 'beech' ; this forest is the  world’s largest concentration of dwarf beeches.                                                                                
Namibia (Keetmanshoop) : Quiver Tree Forest (= Kokerboom Woud in Afrikaans), so called because the branches of these trees are used traditionally used by San people to make quivers.        
Poland (Gryfino) : Krzywy Las (= Crooked Forest), a grove of curled pines (It is believed that some form of human technique was used in the past to make the trees grow that way, but it remains a mystery)                                                      
Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast) : Dancing Forest (a pine forest in the Curonian Spit noted for its unusually twisted trees..        
Socotra (Yemen) : Firmihin Forest (forest of dragon blood trees).
Xinjiang (Taklamatan Desert) : Tarim Populus Euphratica "Ghost" Forest, along the Cross Desert Highway, in Taklamatan desert, especially nice in autumn (Populus Euphratica is a kind of poplar tree adapted to desert.                                                                                     
Trees, bushes, palms and vines          
Argentina (Reserva Natural Laguna Nimez) : Calafate shrubs (= box-leaved barberry, = Magellan barberry ) ; an evergreen shrub producing dark purple sweet berries (ideal for ice cream !).                 
Argentina (& other locations) : Ceibos (= cockspur coral tree, = Erythrina crista-galli) ; National tree of Argentina, a widespread tree even in urban areas, sprouting bright red blooms and beanlike pods.         
Brazil : Ipés (= Pau d'arco, = Trumpet tree) ; tree with splendid pink, white, yellow or purple flowers.     
Chad : Acacias albida (= Faidherbia albida) ; a very rare desert tree, very specific for its cycle (green in dry season conversely to other trees).
Chad, Jibouti & other locations :  Doum Palms (= Palmier doum).  
Chile : Araucarias, quite widespread, large and nice tree, endemic to Chile.                                                                   
Chile (PN Laguna de Lajas & others) : Coigües (= Nothofagus dombeyi,  = Dombey's beech coigue) ; a beech tree native to southern Chile.     
China (Inner Mongolia) : Sand oleaster ; tough small bushes in Badain Jaran desert near the lakes of this desert, producing small yellow white-fleshed berries.        
China (K2, Shagsam Valley) : High altitude tamaris bushes.                                             
Colombia (Valle de Cocora) : Palma de cera (= wax palm tree).                                                                                                                                       
Galápagos : Cacaotillo (= Miconia robinsoniana) : a shrub with purple flowers, endemic to Galápagos, nearly extinct.    
Guyana : Balata trees (= balata franc, = Manilkara bidentata) ; endemic large tree used for its wood and latex.                                                     
Guyana : Monkey ladder lianas ; Giant lianas hanging from rainforest trees (Bauhinia guianensis), endemic to the 3 Guyanas and neighboring Brazil.   
Guyana : Nibbis (= nibbee, = Heteropsis flexuosa) ; aerial roots and parasitic vines that hang from trees, endemic to Guyana, used for basket-making.
Japan : ''Sakura' (cherry tree blossom in spring).                                                                          
Kenya : Whistling thorn acacias (= Acacia drepanolobium) (Chyulu Hills).                                                                                                           
Mauritius    'Bois boeuf' ; an endemic tree to Mauritius. 
Mauritius : Bois Mapou (= Mapou Tree, = Mapu Cyphostemma mappia) ; endemic to Mauritius. sometimes known as the "Mauritian baobab".              
Mauritius : Vacoas (= Pandanus iceryi) : a palm tree endemic to Mauritius.                                                                                                                      
Mongolia :  Saxauls (= Haloxylon ammodendron) : shrub, endemic to Mongolia and widespread in Central Asia, listed as at risk of extinction.  
Mozambique (NP Gorongoso) : Fever trees (= Vachellia xanthophloea) ; a tree native to Southern Africa, whose bark can be used against malaria.  
Nepal : Himalayan junipers (= drooping juniper, = Juniperus recurva).                                                                                                        
Nepal : Rhododendrons ; evergreen shrub or small trees with a showy display of bright red flowers (national flower of Nepal).     
Oman (North of Salalah) : Wadi Dawkah Frankincense Trees.                                                              
Papua New Guinea & Papua in Indonesia : Sago palms ;  A very useful palm producing a starchy food known as sago.                                                      
Peru : Jaboncillo (= Sapindus saponaria) ; the fruits of this tree can be used for making natural soap.                       
Peru : Queñual (= Polylepis racemosa) :  endangered tree (only small forests remain at high altitude, such as at Quebrada de Llanganuco in PN Huascaran).                                                                                                                 
Peru (Reserva de Lachay) : Taras trees (= Tara spinosa) ; a small leguminous tree or thorny shrub native to Peru.   
Saint Helena : Melanodendron integrifolium (= black cabbage tree) ; endemic to Saint Helena.     
Saint Helena : St Helena Dogwood tree (= Nesohedyotis arborea, = Cornouiller à fleurs) ; endemic to St Helena, this tree grows on the slopes of Diana's Peak and its status is considered as critical.                                                           
Seychelles (Vallée de Mai) : Sea Coconut trees (Cocotiers de mer) ; a monocot tree of the palm family having the largest seeds (double nut seed) (sea coconuts, = double coconuts, nicknamed 'coco-fesses') of any plant in the world. 
Socotra (Yemen): Desert rose bottles ( = Adenum obesum socotranum).
Socotra (Yemen): Dragon blood trees (= Dracaena cinnaban), endemic to Socotra (Firmihin Forest).                                                                         
TAAF (Amsterdam) : Phylica arborea ; rare shrub, endemic to Amsterdam, one of the only tree-like species growing in the TAAF. 
TAAF (Iles Eparses, Juan de Nova) : 'Veloutier' trees  (= Tournefortia argentea) ; also in Réunion, Mauritius & Madagascar.  
TAAF (Iles Eparses, Europa) :  Euphorbes arborescentes (= Euphorbia stenoclada) ; this euphorbia is endemic to Europa, Juan de Nova & Madagascar. 
Uganda & other locations in Africa : Euphorbia candelabrum (a species of candelabra tree).                                              
USA (California) : Giant Sequoias.                                                                                                      
Zanzibar (& other locations) :  Mahogany trees.                                                                                     
Other plants, including flowers
Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni) : Giant cacti ; In Isla de Lomo Pescado (an "island" in the middle of the largest salt flat  of the world).    
Chad, Egypt : Hibiscus flowers (= Carcadet bissap) ; A subshrub with dark red flowers used as infusion.     
Colombia (Armenia) & many other locations : Heliconia ; Commonly named false bird-of-paradise due to its close similarity to the bird-of-paradise flowers.   
Colombia (Sierra Nevada el Cocuy) : Arnica ; A small purple high altitude flower.                                                        
Colombia (Sierra Nevada el Cocuy) : Blanquisco ; A small yellow high altitude flower.
Colombia (Sierra Nevada el Cocuy) : Cacho de venado (= Platycerium bifurcatum) ; A large fern.                                                                                         
Colombia (Sierra Nevada el Cocuy) : Draba litamo ; Known as “lítamo real”, this high altitude endangered small herb is made into an infusion, locally thought to bring eternal youth !                                                                                                                                                        
Colombia (Sierra Nevada el Cocuy) : El chocho de páramo (= Lupinus alopecuroides) ; A high altitude blue lupine growing in the páramos (alpine tundra). 
Colombia, Peru ... : Frailejones (= Espeletia) ; Commonly named 'big monk', the frailejon is a high altitude genus of perennial subshrub of the sun flower family, growing in the páramos (alpine tundra), endangered.                                                  
Easter island : Totomi reeds ; Same as the totora reeds of Lake Titicaca.                                                                                                                  
France (Maine-et-Loire) : Champignonnière Du Saut Aux Loups (underground production of mushrooms in tunnels).
French Polynesia (Iles Australes, Tubuai) : "Poireaux de bord de mer" (= Riri in Tahitian, = Crinum asiaticum) ; 'Poireau' means 'leek' in French but this plant has nothing to do with leeks. it is spread all along the shore of the island.                                                     
India (Ladakh, Zanskar), Nepal : Tibet blue poppy (= Himalayan blue poppy) ; Short-lived perennial boosting large, silky, cup-shaped, clear blue flowers with contrasting golden stamens. :
India (Sikkim) : Alpine orchids ; Orchid is Sikkim State Flower ; Sikkim, renowned for its orchids has more than 500 species of orchids, some quite large, surviving extreme climatic conditions.   
Jamaica: Fern Gully ; A towering green tunnel of ferns.         
Japan (Hokkaido) : "Glaswort" (= Coral grass) ; Amazing : large expanses of this plant grow in salt marshes of Lake Notoro and get all crimson in autumn. 
Japan (Hokkaido) : Lavender & multicolored flower fields with beautiful summer blossoms (Biei & Furano areas).     
Malaysia (Sabah) : Nepenthes Rajah : This plant, endemic to Mt Kinabalu (highest summit of Southeast Asia),  is the largest of the carnivorous pitcher plants and is famous for the giant urn-shaped traps it produces.                                                         
Namibia (Skeleton Coast) : Welwitschia (= Welwitschia mirabilis) ; A very bizarre, rare and large plant able to intake moisture from fog over the desert and which can live for hundreds of years)                                                           
Nepal (Dolpo & Upper Dolpo) : "Yarsagumba" ; Dolpo, a very remote region, is the main area for collecting the Himalayan Viagra, a kind of mushroom / caterpillar  considered by the Chinese as a powerful aphrodisiac ...   
Peru : Curicasha (= Matucana haynei, = cabeza de cholo) ; An endemic cactus to Peru with an intense red flower.   
Peru : Puya raimondii (= titanka in quechua) : The largest species of bromeliad with an height of up to 15 m, a trunk up to 5 m with a rosette of about 200 linear leaves.     
Peru :
Tillandsia tectorum ; A high altitude epiphyte.       
Peru : Totora reeds (Titicaca).                                                         
Peru, Bolivia : Senecio plants ; Many species, such as senecio canescens, growing at high altitude (Huascaran ..). 
Peru, Tanzania, RDC & other locations : Giant lobelias ; Different species at high altitude (Mt Rwenzori, Mt Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro, Huascaran ...).
Rumania : Valley of Roses.    
Saint Helena : He Cabbage (= Pladaroxylon) ; Endemic to Saint Helena, this wild small spreading tree growing up to 3-4 m in height is critically endangered.                                                 
Saint Helena : Wild flax ; Still spread on large areas, from abandoned flax plantations (flax industry used to be the main and only industry on Saint Helena ; there is nothing left).  
São Tomé e Príncipe : Calvoa Crassinoda ; Plant endemic to São Tomé e Príncipe.
São Tomé e Príncipe : Giant Begonias (= Begonia baccata); Endemic to São Tomé, this begonia, with white & pink flowers, is the largest in the world (it can reach 5 m).   
Tanzania, Kenya, RDC : Giant groundsel (=  Dendrosenecio kilimanjari) ; A giant Senecio plant which can reach reach 12 m (Mt Rwenzori, Mt Kenya, Mt Kilimanjaro).                                                                                     
Cultivated plants          
Argeres (Ilha do Pico) : Vineyards ; traditional landscape with wall-enclosed vineyards or 'currais'.            
Brazil (Ilha do Caju) : Cashew trees (=  Anacardium occidentale).
France : Vineyards (Bourgogne, Champagne, Bordelais ...).                                          
Guinea, Caribbean ... : Soursop trees (Annona muricata).                                                                                                                                 
Iles Marquises, Samoa, Marshall Islands & other locations : Noni Pandanus ; the fruit of this traditional cultivated palm tree - Noni (= Morinda citrifolia) - gives a 'medicinal' juice said to cure many deseases (these alledged  health benefits are not proved).           
India (Gujarat) : Castor oil plants (Ricinus communis) ; a cultivated treelet of the spurge family Euphorbiaceae, producing castor oil. 
Indonesia (Moluccas mainly), Tanzania (Zanzibar) & other locations : Clove trees.                                                   
Indonesia (Moluccas mainly), Tanzania (Zanzibar) & other locations : Nutmeg trees
Maldives, Indonesia : Wax apple trees (= Syzygium samarangense) ;  a tree producing a sweet white-fleshed fruit called Jambu.       
Nepal, India & other locations : Green or true cardamom (= Elettaria cardamomum).                   
Portugal : Alto Douro vineyards.                       
São Tomé e Príncipe : Cocoa trees ; grown in 'Roças' (traditional cocoa plantations).                                                                                                  
Sierra Leone : Firestone heveas plantations.                                                            
Tanzania (Zanzibar) & other locations : Vanilia plants.                                                                
Tanzania (Zanzibar), Comoros : Bungo lianas (= Saba comorensis, = Rubber vine) ; a vine producing a fruit called bungo fruit delivering a delicious fruit juice.                                                                                                 
Tanzania (Zanzibar), Comoros (Anjouan) : Ylang ylang trees.                                                                                                          
Tanzania (Zanzibar), Indonesia & other locations : Jackfruit trees.                       
Vietnam & other locations : Cinnamon trees.                                                                                                          
Coffee plantations : Jamaica (Blue Mountains), São Tomé.....   
Tea plantations : many locations such as Mauritius, Sri Lanka (Kandy, Nuwara Eliya ...), India (Darjeeling), Nepal (Ilam), Indonesia (Java), Bangladesh (Sylhet), Seychelles .....  



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